Massachusetts Vehicle Check  We Perform Massachusetts State Inspections on Passenger & Commercial Vehicles up to 26,000 lbs.

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   Safety is an important part of Massachusetts Vehicle Check. No one wants to drive an unsafe vehicle or share the road with other motorists whose vehicles have safety defects. A broken taillight, cracked windshield or a defective horn might not seem important, but any one of these or numerous other conditions can make driving unsafe. That’s why it’s important to make sure your vehicle is always in good repair, not just when you’re going to have it inspected.

If your vehicle fails its safety inspection, its emissions test or both, it must be repaired and pass a re-test within 60 days of its initial inspection. Here are the specific steps you will need to take: 

Emissions. A vehicle that fails its emissions test must be repaired and pass a re-test within 60 days of its initial inspection. Give the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) you received from the inspector to your repair technician, who can use the information it provides to diagnose your vehicle’s emissions control problem(s). Need a copy of your Vehicle Inspection Report? Get a reprint here. If the inspector also gave you an Emissions Repair Form, be sure to have the repairer complete it and then return the form to the inspector when you take your vehicle back for its re-test. Check with your repairer to see if he or she has filled this form out on-line for you. If so, you will not need to return the form to the inspector.



Safety. A vehicle that fails its safety inspection must be repaired immediately. When you drive a car, truck, SUV or bus with safety defects, you are putting yourself and others at risk. You may also be issued a citation by police, which could lead to insurance surcharges.

There are two important reasons for completing repairs immediately:

  • It is technically illegal to operate your vehicle before fixing safety defects identified during an inspection.
  • Emissions control problems can significantly reduce gas mileage and may cause long-term damage to your vehicle that will make repairs more expensive.

Keep your repair receipts inside your vehicle as proof that repairs have been made until your vehicle passes its re-test. This is especially important if your vehicle failed its initial safety inspection.

Sometimes, repairs don’t fix the problem(s) that caused your vehicle to fail its emissions test or estimated repair costs are extremely high. In these cases, you may still be eligible for a passing sticker. If your private passenger vehicle or OBD-equipped motor home:

  • Failed its emissions test and was fixed by a Registered Emissions Repair Technician but fails its retest, you may be eligible for a Waiver of Emissions Standards and a passing sticker that will be valid until your vehicle’s next annual inspection.
  • Needs a major and costly repair to pass its emissions test (e.g., transmission replacement or engine overhaul), you may be eligible for an Economic Hardship Repair Extension and a one-time, one-year sticker to continue operating the vehicle while you save for repairs or look for a replacement.
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